Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wild Dates, Curry and Drunken Reunions

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #52
It's called The Meet Up Meme

I've given you 10 common places where "meeting" is the game plan. Simply answer the questions about your meet and greet habits. And don't be late for the meeting!
I have a dungeon you know.

And I know how to use it.

You are going to a....

1. Business meeting
Do you prefer a structured agenda with a time frame or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants brainstorming session?

Meetings that can be accomplished by emails should be outlawed. Brainstorming is fun as long as it's not an "assignment" that goes on and on and on and on. Structured agendas are boring with a capital B. Can you tell I love meetings?
2. First Date meeting
Where are we going and what are we going to do? (Yes, I said you!)

We are going to an Indian restaurant for a wild dish with curry. I like my dates spicy.

3. Coffee House with your best friend
Do you prefer a collegiate bookstore atmosphere with coffee and WiFi or a fancy restaurant with a beautiful display of expensive desserts? Oh. And what is your favorite coffee flavor?

Hmm....My best friend would not want to be with me in a bookstore because we are both bookworms and might end up shopping instead of talking which is what we do best. For hours (!) therefore, lots of chocolate desserts should be readily available and a huge pot of coffee. Who needs books when you've got the gift of eternal gab? Oh. And I like a little coffee in my French vanilla creamer. Doesn't everyone?

4. Bar/Pub with friends
What is your poison?
I've come to the conclusion lately that alcohol IS poison. No thanks.

5. Your old high school for a 25 yr. reunion
Who would you like to see the most after all these years?

Let me tell you who I would NOT like to see. True story: I went to my 15th reunion several years ago. A guy sat down beside me. He still looked the same as he did in the 5th grade. I still did not like him. I still wanted to be far far away from him. He drove me batty when I was ten. And he chooses to sit with me after all this time apart (thank GOD) and after he'd moved to another state (thank the LORD). Why me??! He was irritating in the 5th grade why am I going on and on about this? apparently, I need to purge myself of the awful memory. He was like a gnat I tell you. I did NOT give him a Valentine in those cutesy little card thingy the teacher puts on the wall (Baby Boy, do not listen to this) and I did NOT dance with him at the Halloween dance because I was dating (sort of. We were 10) the Principal's son and I had to be true just in case the principal was watching.
Did you get that?
So there I am at the reunion and he turns to me and spouts the most insulting thing you have EVER heard out loud at the table. Something to do with body parts and female anatomy out LOUD at the table.
He was drunk.
I was mortified.

See what I mean about alcohol???

6. Blogger meet up
What is your fantasy blog meet up with your favorite bloggers? Where would you go and what would you do?

It looks like I'm going to meet a certain little Hawaiian skirt girl when she comes to the States soon. Yippee! I have met several bloggers in person already and would love to meet as many of you as possible. Wouldn't that be fun? I don't think the place is important. Just a place with lots of food, good music, a tolerance for blogging cameras and plenty of time to talk. My experience meeting bloggers has been that you really do feel as though you already know the person. It is a wonderful experience. A party at Bloggingham on BlogBlast For Peace day sounds just about perfect. Or just a party period.

7. Google Search Bar
What are you searching for today?

Peace globe Google ads. Aren't you?

8. Your favorite tattoo artist at the parlor
What is your next tattoo going to be and why?

My next tattoo would be my first tattoo. To each his own but I just can't stand the thought of NEEDLES!!! and permanent ink on my fair Queen skin. Nope. No can do. But you go on with your creative selves and have at it. I'll take pictures and hold your hand while you scream.

9. AA or Al Anon Meeting
You are the designated driver to this function. What advice would you give a room full of folks who desperately need inspiration?

That's a tough question. I will say this. If you've ever been present during one of these meetings, it is a humbling experience. There but for the grace of God.....we all need to remember that and not judge. The Serenity Prayer works in all areas of life.
I could do no better than that.

10. An video podcast meeting with your mother or significant other who doesn't know about your blog
Tell us how you would introduce them to the blog that is you.

Dear Mother, This is my blog address: mimiwrites.blosplogdot.com
See you there! Please leave a comment.

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

Hilariously enjoyable! Especially the dog with the wicked sign in his mouth! So funny! Write on!

Mimi Lenox said...

Sherry - That was my trusty Palace Dog, Homer, speaking. He keeps me straight and speaks the truth. I can't get a thing past him.

Mark In Mayenne said...


1) Meetings can waste a lot of time. I enjoy brainstorming so that's my first choice. Other meetings MUST have an agenda and time frame or they waste a lot of time.

2) For a first date with you? I like to dip my toes before going for a paddle before plunging in. So a chat over a wine or coffee in a tasteful bar in a nice location, so we can stroll afterwards if we like each other

3) For a coffee house I prefer the bookstore, as long as the coffee is excellent. Else the fancy desserts will have to compensate

4) In a pub with friends, it's English real ale, brown beer.

5) It would be interesting to find out what my first kissee has done with her life

6) Blogger meet-up has to be a friendly informal restaurant. Pizza maybe?

7) Searching for? A song I heard once at uni, by Leonard Cohen I think, on an LP I thought was called Orange, call The night of "some date or other". Can't find it.

8) Does not compute

9) "Go for it"

10) My mum reads my blog. I gave her the URL in an email

Anonymous said...

you had me with that scrumptious photo of the chocolate cake...

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

wait wait...what exactly did he say????

Jean-Luc Picard said...

If you tell a date that you like things spicy, he might get the wrong idea.

Charles Gramlich said...

I haven't thought about the idea of a class reunion in quite a few years. I do talk to some old classmates on facebook.

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