Monday, October 26, 2009

Let It Begin With Me

What do peace bloggers say? Hear their cry. One voice at a time.
"And many decades later, I wonder if everyone were to think of the words in that simple hymn, say them over and over again and then, try to practice doing just that by recognizing the equality that should be present between all races, all cultures, male, female, if by remembering and doing that, we might -just possibly -bring about an end to all the conflict that exists........
Worth a try isn't it if it might, just might, resolve, bit by bit, a small conflict here, a little larger one there and on and on it could go but only if we each resolve to give it a try.

I'm willing. Are you?"

So sayeth Jennifer Ertmer at Down River Drivel in Grassflat, PA - November 2008 Peace globe #1327

Then along came Mary from Ontario, Canada (Mary's Writing Nook globe #1347) writing her own incredible post
and commenting on Jennifer's post,
"Too many try to love with clenched fists."
and the circle of peace keeps going.

What will YOU say?
Join us November 5, 2009

The Peace Globe Gallery

**Thank you for continuing to pray for my dad and our family. I do feel your support.**

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katherine. said...

peace globes snowballing...

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