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"Finding Peace In a Rage-Filled World" with Guest Blogger Lee

Today's post was titled and written by Lee, who writes the popular blog Tarheel Ramblings. Ever heard of the meme Sunday Scenery? That's Lee's brainchild. I found his thoughts to be inspiring and honest. I think you will too. Thank you, Lee, for graciously allowing me to reprint your article.

Finding Peace In A Rage-Filled World

As I skimmed the news this morning, I was struck by amount of turmoil that is wracking our world. In Tehran, Iran, the Supreme Leader is railing against the “lies” that he blames for the massive protests taking place there. In North Korea, it appears there are plans being made for further missal tests. And in Somalia, the government is under attack from Islamic extremists. Not to mention the continuing violence in Afghanistan and Iraq that looks to be endless.

Blogblast For Peace is about five months away, and at that time bloggers around the world will be posting their continued hope that peace can somehow become a reality in this world. Yet, I wonder how that can ever happen with the current state of affairs. Sometimes, it seems to me that there is too much dividing humanity to ever be able to find common ground. The Conservatives can’t stand the Liberals, Islamic extreemists will settle for nothing less than anhialation of “infadels,” white supremicists will tolerate no concessions to those they consider inferior, and it goes on and on. With attitudes of intolerance and hate, how can the world ever know peace? And how are these feelings overcome?

My Perspective

Since my background is Christian, I tend to view the world situation through that filter. If I look at what my faith has taught me, the answer comes through LOVE. In other words, peace will be found when humanity puts a higher priority on the welfare of others first. As a child I was taught that you win over other people by “killing them with kindness” which brings about a change of heart. It’s difficult to hate someone who puts your interests above their own. And sometimes that means conceding a point even when you feel you’re right, or giving up the need to be heard in the interest of hearing someone else.

I’m not an expert on world religions, but these same Christian principles are not unique to followers of Christ. The little bit I do know of other faiths is that concern for those less fortunate is a common theme in every religious philosophy that I am aware of. At least the most common ones. If the world could agree to focus on common ground, rather than differences, I believe that there could be progress toward peace.

Knowing what I know about the nature of human beings, though, I know that such a change of attitude is not going to happen quickly or easily. My Christian background tells me that everything I experience in this life is preparation for what will come in the next life. And more and more, the main lesson I glean from my experience is that I can accomplish very little on my own accord. It is only through the grace and love of a higher power, that I call God, that I am able to grow and become a better person.

I know there are many that will deny the existance of God, or any Intelligent Creator. In their estimation, when this life is over, it’s over. They will tell you that human nature is what it is, and the planet is ultimately doomed to the excesses that come from that nature. I flatly refuse to accept that pessimistic approach. I have seen and experienced too much that convinces me that there is a force at work that is much bigger than I am, and it doesn’t occur by accident.

I will never be so arrogant as to assume that the Christian faith is the source of all truth. Or even that my particular brand of Christian theology has all the right answers. To do so would put me in the company of those who feel that their answers are the only answers. Maybe that is the secret of finding common ground. Because to assume that one has all the answers when it comes to God is to put oneself on the same level with God. I know two things with a fair amount of certainty: 1. There is a god, and 2. I’m not God.

Join Blogblast For Peace

On November 5th, I will be joining other bloggers around the world in posting my Peace Globe, and writing a post expressing my hope and desire for peace. I hope you will join with us in your own posts and expressions of hope. By doing so, you will help me and the rest of the blogosphere reflect on what peace means and take a step toward realizing that goal. You can visit the Blogblast for Peace website here to get more information on participating and creating your Peace Globe.

Lee's November 2008 peace globe in honor of his granddaughter, Lilly. Click the globe to read his beautiful tribute to her.
Image: Cromacom


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Well put. Great post!

Tarheel Rambler said...

I am flattered and honored that you re-posted my blog entry. I hope that it helps to begin stirring up support for the real Blogblast for Peace in November.

Mimi Lenox said...

Bud - It was an insightful post.

Mimi Lenox said...

Lee - Thank YOU for writing such a great post.

Carver said...

Excellent post by Lee and Mimi as always I think your blog blast for peace is such a good event. I'll be on board again for this one although I haven't worked on my new globe yet.

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