Sunday, January 20, 2008

Monday Mimisms with Mimi Queen of Memes: The Love and Hate Meme

I was tagged by the lovely and hilarious Sandee from Comedy Plus for an interesting meme that at first glance looks pretty simple.

Until you start answering the blooming questions.

It's like that 3-word meme that came around once. Everybody thought they could finish it in five minutes, when in fact, paring your answers down to three words was VERY difficult.

But I shall do my best to answer semi almost truthfully just for you. I took a lie detector test prior to this meme.
Just for the record, I flunked.

The Love Hate Meme

I love to eat: Cheetos and orange sherbet

I hate to eat: Mussels. I had them for the first time last year on a date. My boyfriend asked me to try them (forced musseling). I did it to humor him. It was not funny. Don't tell him this but that was the beginning of the end of our relationship. That and my horrible cooking.

I also hate Caviar (yuk) and Oysters (double yuk)

I love to go: Anywhere where there isn't raw fish or non-chewable appetizers. But it's OK if my date eats those things. I've heard it's good for the.....the......well you know.

Next question!

I hate to go: Out to dinner alone. I always take something to read or a writing pad. And I never eat mussels.The thought is making me shiver all over again.

I love it when: I'm kissed slowly and by someone who knows how (I think I've heard that before....a movie maybe?)

I hate it when: I'm kissed slowly by someone who doesn't know how

I love to see: The moon outside my window on a clear night and sunsets over water.

I hate to see: War

I love to hear: An unexpected cello part rise up slowly over a powerful melody. I forget the lyrics and sing with the strings.

I hate to hear: Presidential candidates act like bickering children, a fiddle and a steel guitar. Oh! And fingernails on a chalkboard. All those things sound the same to me.

Gosh, that was painless.
Except for the mussels.
That was painful.

I hereby royally tag: Pinky from Cheese In My Shoe, Speedcat Hollydale, Maunie James, Blog-Blond and The Friday Night Fish Fry.

**Stay tuned for a trickling of award recognitions and tags throughout the week. I haven't forgotten any of the awards I've received since the holidays. I appreciate them all. Have a great week Monday!

What posted on Mimi Writes one year ago today? Queen of Memes Dethroned

You can participate year round. Anytime!


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I know you flunked the polygraph test, but I'm thinking you told the truth here. You and I are more alike than not. Thanks for playing along. Have a great evening Mimi. :)

Travis said...

I think you failed the polygraph on purpose, but it's just one theory.

And no, I'm not trying to drive you away from my blog with the sports stuff. Just think of it as another dating challenge. You're doing great with it so far.

Just remember - there's only one more game and then football is over until September.

Cheers my dear!

DrillerAA said...

Mussels are like Oysters and they're both double GAK!!! They might be great know, but I'll suffer the consequences of doing without...the mussels that is.

Deana said...

Ha..and the candidates have certainly been bickering tonight! I had to laugh with that answer because I thought Obama was going to just pounce on Clinton tonight.

You have great responses, I only hope I can be so clever!

Kuanyin said...

Will go to work on this meme...looks like a fun one! I'll get backatcha when I've posted mine.

giggles said...

Very cute answers Mimi! By the way I gave the Peace train people your blog address so they could bring you on board!!

Hugs Sherrie

Real Live Lesbian said...

Eating mussels alone would have to be the worst! ;)

Akelamalu said...

I love mussels - especially on a man! ((wink))

Linda said...

I'm with Akelamalu, I love me some nice biceps and forceps and shoulders and ...

Sorry, I had to take a break for a minute there, I was lost in a memory ...

Ahem, now that I've pulled myself back together (whew!), I think you did a very nice job on this meme and I thank you for not tagging me so I'd have to flunk the polygraph, too. Of course, having been a member of the law enforcement community, I know how to flunk it while still passing it!

Patti said...

Um, I like mussels, and clams. Oysters not so much.

azgoddess said...

well - look out your window tonight as we got a full moon coming round...

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Sh*t. I thought you loved the mussels...

Misty Dawn said...

huh? Oh sorry - I clicked to comment and had a comment - uhhh - all planned out - and then I read Akelamalu and Linda's comments and ... uh shoot - I've lost all train of thought!

I must say your answers (and comments) are much better than mine (maybe it's the polygraph thing)

Kuanyin said...

Whew--finally finished my meme post today! Now I need lots of mussels/muscles to get me off the floor.

Mimi Lenox said...

Sandee - You know me too well. The truth was told.

Travis - What comes after football? Golf? Is that a winter sport? Do I need new clothes? Binoculars? Balcony seats?

Drilleraa - Fortunately my date didn't need any help in the you-know department and he was a perfect gentleman about what must have been an awful look on my face when I tasted them. YUUUUUUK is right.

Deana - I await your snark. I didn't know about the Clinton/Obama verbal scuffle while I was writing this meme. Must be in the air....

Kuanyin - I await YOUR snark. Can't wait! Actually, you don't have to answer snarkily at all. Just straight will do nicely as well. Have fun with it.

Giggles - I do hope you're giggling. Thanks for the reference. I've seen the promo.It looks like a great idea.

Real Live - NOT an option.

Akelamalu - You can say that again.

Linda - Taking notes...You know how to pass a lie detector test? Dialing.....I need help with my next meme. Shh....don't tell anyone.

Patti - Just something about all three of those things that make me know.....but I really love baked clam cakes! The same boyfriend made them once for me and they were delicious.

AZgoddess - Going to the window. Do you see me?

Mimi Lenox said...

Bud - I did love the muscles but not the mussels.

Misy Dawn - The polygraph worked a voodoo on my pencil brain.

And you are Linda have MY memories all scrambled up and in overdrive. Stop it! Both of you just stop it!!

Kuanyin - I'll be right over! Eat some mussels. You'll feel better.

Or not.

Julie said...

I love coming here!

Mussels...nah I think not also. My daughter had mussels while in Brussels this autumn and she loved them. I say GACK!

Patti said...

Not to mussel in here, but I tagged you.

Anonymous said...

I hate mussles even though I've never had them. Oysters, too.
You're my kinda gal, Mimi!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Mimi, I hope I'm not in the dungeon yet ... this week has been so busy. (pleading to the court) :-)
I did this meme some time ago, but if I may, I would like to whip something special up for you on Sunday. because you are OK in my book
Cheetos and orange sherbet??? THAT is a dream meal!!! I like sherbet with some soft serve vanilla on top - the "dreamsicle" taste. Ohhhhhh MAN!

SpeedyCat the Memeboy Hollydale

Speedcat Hollydale said...

sure, I cheated ... but it's not too bad!!

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