Friday, January 25, 2008

Excellence In a Grass Skirt

I was awarded this cool award by Sandee of Comedy Plus. Thank you! It's the first time I've been happy to earn an E on my report card.

There are too many wonderful bloggers to name. I have decided to award this to one blogger. I appreciate the unique way she colors my world each day with her blogging Hawaiian hula skirt.

Congratulations to......

Akelamalu at Everything and Nothing. Her Friday Flash Fiction is truly excellent. Witty. Smart. Entertaining. Check it out! She's the Hawaiian girl from Lancashire, United Kingdom. I appreciate her faithful comments. HUGS to you my friend.
Go on with your blogging self.


Akelamalu said...

Mimi what can I say? I have tears in my eyes and I am truly honoured. Thank you m'dear, and you sooooo deserve this award. xxxx

Misty Dawn said...

I love Akelamalu and her blog! She's fantastic, isn't she?!?!

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