Friday, December 14, 2007

Shouldn't I Be Counting Measures or Something? UPDATE coming soon!

It has been a crazy musical whirlwind lately.
Rehearsals, rehearsals and more rehearsals.
I snapped these shots tonight as I was about to go out the door to conduct the first of two Christmas concerts this week.

You would think I'd be more worried about the ritardando in measure 34 than framing flash shots through the glass refraction. But no..... Saying hello to my blog friends is more important. Wish me luck pray that I remember my speech and cue the sopranos in the Bach don't chip a nail before I get there (you know, the important stuff).... or just break a leg.
I'm sure I'll have a story to tell. Santa is supposed to show up!
Let's just hope the baton flies in the right direction.

Gee, I hope people remember to bow when I'm not wearing my crown.


Linda said...

If the furnishings in the dungeon are anywhere near as lovely as those behind you, then I might just have to skip a meme or two!

As you are taking pictures prior to conducting your concert, I've got to think this means that you are confident in your abilities to pull off a wonderful concert without worrying about it! And I bet it was great, right?!?

Travis said...

Nice room.

Hey, you know that Bond is going to complain that we couldn't see the shoes, right?

I'm just saying.

barbara said...

Hi Mimi,
Thank you for thinking of your friends ;)And yes, "Nice to see you !"
Wow, you will be singing some Bach music ? I'am sure that it will go just fine.
I'am looking forward to the follow-up post.

Have fun !

Julie said...

Oh la la we have some culture! YES!

What? You're not wearing your crown? But but but why not?

Deana said...

Every time I see your hair it makes me wish I hadn't cut my curls off (and out) I've decided to let it grow...all that straightner can't be good for it. I hope the concerts went great...what exciting things you do. Who doesn't respect the conducter? Hope Santa was good to you...and that the peasants remembered to bow!

Desert Songbird said...


We sopranos get such a bad rap - everyone thinking we're divas...


Akelamalu said...

Love the pictures Mimi.

Break a leg!

Julie Pippert said...

I hope it went well!

Cool pics.

And distraction is always good for relaxation. :)

Using My Words

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What Linda said. Nice surroundings. I love how whatever picture you post of yourself there is only half of your face. I am sure that everyone will bow even though you weren't wearing your crown. Have a great day. :)

Patti said...

Nice house, but then again most palaces are pretty nice.

I am curtsying as I type, does that help?

Waiting for the report..

Mimi Lenox said...

Linda - You want to purposely dodge a meme? Well! There'll be a separate dungeon waiting for the likes of you.
Would you like chocolate or mints or both on your pillow?
And I shall report on the concert craziness. I just woke up from a 16 hour sleep. Exhausted.

Travis - I suppose I shall photograph my shoes next time. Just for you two! No face. Just half a foot.

Barbara - Bach was bad last night. And I mean that in a good way!

Julie - The crown would have scared Santa. And I couldn't hog the limelight from him. I'm expecting presents.

Deana - You have beauty queen beauty, girlfriend. Grow the locks!!

Songbird -We ARE divas.

Akelamalu - Thanks and thanks. And for the record, Santa almost broke his. Details later.

Julie - You are right about the distraction and thanks for the encouragement. Last minute seems to be my middle name these days. Never a dull moment.

Sandee - I do have fun with that camera. As for the bowing, I did the bowing this time! Very strange.....they didn't stand up and bow back!! I smell a post...

Patti - Finally! Somebody with some respect. I hereby grant you a dungeon-free-existence-card for the first ten minutes of 2008.

Am I not generous???

Matt-Man said...

I realize that I am late but I hope you broke a leg. Hell, both legs. Cheers Maestro.

Patti said...

You are indeed most generous, your royal highness person.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Fantastic self portraits! I see you also have a nice camera and a very nice lamp!!
I have a nice camera in the house, but I'm not allowed to touch it (laughing). I usually use my 68K camera phone. Nothing like high resolution :-)
If Santa shows up at a concert, does he land on the roof and repel down the chimmeny?


Mimi Lenox said...

Matt - Legs were sufficiently broken. Thank you!

Patti - Your comments always make me smile.

Speedy - Santa did show up and he did,in fact, come down the chimney. It was a moment.

Lee said...

Mimi, are you going to release a CD of the performance or can we get the music online at Napster or Rhapsody? I can see the the cover shot for the CD: Queen Mimi and the Blogingham Choir - Sounds of the Season Live!

Tar Heel Ramblings

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

break a leg, Mimi!

Mimi Lenox said...

Lee -Now that's funny. Ha!
Nick - Thank you. I did. I think. And shall properly report later.

Ralph said...

You didn't hit anybody with that baton, did you? You look like you are smiling...I think. A mystery, to be sure...

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