Saturday, November 3, 2007

Studying War, Flying Peace

Does this really happen in my world?

War floats across my world like a blanket of pain. We watch it on the news and in our neighborhoods. You can see it in the eyes of children. Hear it in the unspoken "whys" of a mother with no food for her family. Understand it to the core in a soldier's staunch resolve. Feel it in the dirty tears of people on the run.

Strain to hear the whisper of a mother's heart whose son or daughter has perished in a god-forsaken place. With no good-bye.
Politics and religion aside, let me remember for one day that
Suffering is suffering.
War breeds poverty. Poverty breeds hunger. Hunger breeds indignity.
Can our words and collective thoughts and visions of a peaceful existence clear the smoke?
We tend to forget pain in less-publicized atrocities.
We sometimes turn our faces from the pain we see each day all around us.
Here's a reminder. It's not pretty.
Just fly the globes, people. Fly the globes.
War doesn't stop at the border.
Peace won't either.

This is why we blog for peace.

Note: Reposted from June 6, 2007 BlogBlast


Akelamalu said...

If we need reminding your slide show does just that Mimi!

Annelisa said...

Absolutely, Mims! I'm so with you on that one! Keep the thought in folks' minds, keep the images in our eyes, and the sounds of horror in our ears... we are all responsible.

Annelisa said...

Excellent slide show, by the way! Really brings it home.

Linda said...

Maybe if enough little voices join in, it will make a loud enough sound that someday someone will notice.

Mimi Lenox said...

All around the world there is violence. All around the blogosphere there are voices of peace. I wish we could replace the former with the latter.

Annelisa said...

Yeah, that would be good, wouldn't it. I wish the voices of the majority were louder than that of the minority, but I fear it is always going to be the more aggressive ones who shout loudest. My only hope is that our many quiet voices will build to muffle their noise!

Travis said...

I'm thinking of sending Peace Globes to my representatives in Congress.

Of course, I'll attach a letter explaining that I want them to be more active in finding peaceful solutions to our problems.

Utilizing our military should be the last resort of a civilized world. Otherwise we're simply wasting our young men and women.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, and true.

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