Sunday, November 4, 2007

MO Is The Man ~ Manic Monday: Peace On Earth

Scroll down this blog for several posts today with UPDATED information on what's happening with Peace Globes!

Morgen at the fabulous It's a Blog Eat Blog World has designated his Manic Monday word November 5th as EARTH. Click the graphic above where you will find the guidelines and rules for participation. During the last BlogBlast for Peace in June, 2007 his Manic Monday writers wrote on the word "peace." It was a wonderful way to kick things off in the blogosphere for BlogBlast.
Now he's done it again.
Thanks, my friend, and may we all be blessed with peaceful vibes this week.

Mo and I will be co-hosting The MO Show Wednesday evening with a Peace Globe Day recap 7:00 pm EST. Please call in! Or join the BlogTalk Radio chat!
There will also be Open Live Chat via Chatzy on this blog with guest hosts from around the blogosphere to fill in for me while I'm radio-ing.
It's almost time for the Peace Globe Party! I made a pot of coffee and bought some Chardonnay. The globe cookies are burning..... Be right back!

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Mo said...

Thanks for posting the "earth" graphic and a link to The Mo Show - can't wait for Wednesday night! Should be a fun time!


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