Sunday, November 4, 2007

Welcome To Bloggingham Palace. Let's Chat!

Now in the chat room.....Mimi, Polliwog, Travis, Dr. Anonymous, Chesca, Bobbarama, Patti (it's her first visit to a chat room ever!), JaniceNW, Elizabeth,Healing Words (Robin)
UPDATE: 5:32 pm: Patti is now having Chardonnay. She feels better.

5:42: Lee is here. He's asking for cappuchino. I'd better make some.
5:52: Travis just went back to the game after half-time.
5:53: Bond has arrived from his glorious trip to give us the scoop. Don't ya wanna know? Join us.
6:14 Shinade The Painted Veil is here!
Now visiting with Santa Claus, Zubli and a mysterious man named Henry The MilkMan and Larry the Lizard. Then Mimi got a headache (probably from the Lizard) and Polli took over like a trooper. Ralph sauntered in and told us a lovely love story about his beautiful bride, Patti. Then Polli nearly fainted with exhaustion and Santa Claus took over! What a cast of characters. Then Mo showed up, Travis returned, Chesca came back, Zubli made an appearance, John, Lee and many others. Polli shut down the chat at midnight and went to bed! I don't know what I would have done without her - and Santa Claus!

BYOG (Bring your own globe)
Just click the icon above to be taken to the chat room.
Type in your name and click "Join chat"
It's that simple!

Where: Bloggingham Palace at Mimi Writes
Who: Everybody!
Why: Last minute BlogBlast For Peace questions
Socialize with other peace bloggers
Say hello!
It's fun!
When: Sunday evening 4 pm - midnight EST
Hosted by: Mimi Pencil Skirt aka Mimi Queen of Memes
Click here to get your peace globe

Twelve minutes til the party and my hair is up in curlers. I knew this would happen!


Sanni said...

I guess I´ve lost my brain - burried somewhere under all those globes. Can´t believe I missed the chat!!! *grrrrr*

2 more globes are flying. Gimme MORE *LOL*

Travis said...

Polli and Santa and Mimi rock!

Looking forward to chatting on Wednesday.

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