Monday, October 29, 2007

Driving Miss Daisy

and big sister Pixie, too!

I thought I'd seen it all.
Until Daisy the Curly Cat showed in her yellow sports car
waving like a Queen with her paw in the air.

She is her own parade.

And then there's Pixie dressed in her finest blue frill tip-toeing through the atmosphere of peace.

I took a look around their Florida prowl and found them to be.....well.....precocious, to say the least. Daisy always has something on her head. Don't you love the pink do?
I think I have a pencil skirt to match. And I definitely think she needs to accessorize with pink nail polish and chandelier earrings. Perhaps a tiara? I don't think I'd mess with this cat. There's a certain focused intelligence in her eyes. D0 you see it? I think she's meditating on whirled peas.

You should see how she's dressing for Halloween and did you know there are videos as well??! Eight of them! Sleuthing to the Rolling Stones in a racy film called Catnip Reefer Madness, there are rumors of a Playboy Pansy magazine interview. You've never seen such. No wonder she's cruising through the blogosphere on a peace globe like royalty. She's one infamous feline.

Today, Daisy and Pixie took a break from their Hollywood shenanigans and sent me this groovy peace globe.

I want a ride.
Don't you?

Somebody please, mobilize the cats!

And maybe - if you're lucky - Daisy will give take you for a spin in her new car.

Don't forget MO's Show this week on a Halloween theme. Halloween Night 7PM Eastern. I suggest you listen with the lights on. This is seriously scary!


Daisy said...

Mimi, I am so very proud to be a little part of the BlogBlast for Peace. There is plenty of room in my car for everybody, so climb aboard and take a wild ride! Well, I will try to drive safely.

Mimi Lenox said...

There are no little parts in this. We're all important.

purrchance to dream said...

Daisy is our hero.

And there has already been one post about it at the Cat Blogosphere.

And Blog Blast For Peace is listed in the sidebar at the Cat Blogosphere, too! The cats will be rocking the 'sphere for peace, Miss Mimi, you can count on us.

Purrs from your friends
@ Purrchance To Dream:
Daphne & Chloe & Spooker & Jazper & little Isis, and Not The Mama, too!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Isn't Mo just wonderful? Yes, he is. Great post. Oh, you have an award over at my place. :)

Deana said...

Everyone has these great looking dressed up cats on their blogs and here we sit with 4 of them running around and not a one of them will wear anything cute for me!

Akelamalu said...

What a fabulous Peace Globe - there's some great ones for November!

Patti said...

Whirled peace - very cute.

And the peace globe is adorable.

Sanni said...

Oooooh, I love, love, LOVE this globe.

Daisy rocks =)

Linda said...

Very, very cute! Some of these Peace Globes are just SO creative, I am totally impressed!

I sent you mine the other day - just checking to see if you got it?

Travis said...

Silly kitties!

Julie said...

Boooowoooooo!!! Great kitty pic!

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