Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Blog Chatter: Groovin' With the Vibe Today

Since it's Sunday I won't barrage you with the scathing post I wrote yesterday on the state of dating in the blogiverse - the UNIVERSE - because quite frankly, it's not fit for Sunday. I had to repent as soon as I wrote it! I'll save that for Tuesday. Far removed from altars and peaceful Sunday vibes. Today, I give you a laugh, a hug, a smile and groovin' on down with the sweet stuff......

Tomorrow, I may rant. I feel it boiling now.....Let's see what
Aisley has to say.
She's confused a lot, too, and she just gave me a great excuse not to do my housework. I love her! And God bless this high school teacher as she goes back into the trenches. Have you noticed she's been awol since school began? Aisby? Are you OK???! Why don't you blog on over and wish her well (and try to find out if some kid tied her up in the supply closet while you're at it....) We miss her!
Maybe she's just confused. This is the
name of her blog.

Going out and about in the sphere.....Be right back. I'm going to find more confusion. Shouldn't take me long.

Nope. 2 seconds.
Patti, that lovable late bloomer, is still waiting patiently for me to ask God the 'how much wood would a woodchuck chuck' question.

He said He would get around to it as soon as He finishes with communion and baptisms today, Pat! Hold your horses.
And speaking of horses, she really needs to buy one. It would be easier to identify in the parking lot after shopping. You won't believe what she did last week! Talk about confused. Click
here to find out! Don't laugh. You know you've done it.......

And then there's Matt from Bagwine Ruminations. I just wrote about him and the computer ate it! Must be that blasted dog again. ....Re-writing...Re-posting....Stay tuned.
As I was saying, and then there's Matt from Bagwine Ruminations. He's in a fit of apology over there for blog-neglecting his fellow comrades in crime this week because he had the audacity to play golf with this brother. Oh the scandal. Inky and Lola are not happy with him and showed him some un-Sunday-like gesturing through the car door apparently. To "top" it all off, he's showing his sunburn today as proof he was otherwise occupied. it's the real Matt! Hurry! Go see!

And then I realized that horror of horrors, I am not in his sidebar links. Bad bad Matt. Humph! The nerve. Come to think of it, I don't think he's in mine either. Gosh, I hope he's not reading this. So I was going to be big about it and D.E.L.E.T.E this until I read this which cracked me up, "I am all for compensating Inky and Lola, but I have one question. What the hell do you pay a stick figure? Also, if they demand health care, will I have to hire a tree surgeon?"

Go wish Matt a happy sunburn and the happy birthday to Sherri, won't ya?
And about that link, Matt. There's always the dungeon.


Travis said...

I don't have any confusion for you. Is that good or bad?

I'll say it's good. At least one of us should be unfuzzled.

Mimi Lenox said...

Trav - That's good. You stay focused and I'll just go on my merry way confused and befuddled. It's more fun that way.

Linda said...

I'm with Patti on the woodchuck question - I think if you can't find out via a Ouija board then perhaps you need to go out and conduct a scientific survey of your own. I mean, really, your adoring fans await an answer and you don't have one yet. Certainly there must be a meme for this sort of thing, there seems to be one for everything else!

Hmmm .. the Woodchuck Chucks Meme ... doesn't that sound like it has potential?? Uh, Mimi? Mimi? You still there?? Is this thing on??

crazy working mom said...

Great links. Matt-Man is one of my favorite reads! :)

Hope you had a great weekend.

Matt-Man said...

Mimi: Thanks for the shout out and I hope to bring my burn pain and the Stick Figure strike to a quick end. About that link...I'll link ya right up. Cheers, and thank you as well CWM!!

Patti said...

Mimi, I have been doing a lot of resting so that these things don't "happen" to me any more.

Glad you were able to get a chuckle out of my confusion.

Patti said...

Your highness, you're very sweet
and reading your posts is always a treat
but enough chit chat,
I ask that you not call me Pat.

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