Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh Fudge

Can we talk?

In the last eleven days I've lost eight pounds. Just no appetite.
Until today.

I got a sudden urge for this......It had my name on it.

so I ate one

and another...
and another

I feel better! Chocolate. With Almonds!! Just what I needed.
I figured if I posted this it would hold me accountable unto my wicked ways and I'd stop eating them.

What a foolish strategy.

Maybe I should switch back to sherbet. Not as many calories. Listen to this according to Wikipedia (the place where anybody-can-say-anything-they-want-to-and-we-take-it-as-the-gospel-because-we-darn-well-want-to) ...Healthy benefits of almonds include improved complexion and cancer prevention and making my lipos denser (that didn't sound right) inducing high intellectual level and longevity. (YAY!!)
It didn't say anything negative about having them embedded in chocolate on a splinter stick.

I'll have another. If it's healthy the calories are negated.

Somebody tell me I'm right!!!

I'm just a nut.


Anonymous said...

The Queen has spoken. I will obey and go get my box o' yummy ice cream bars at once!

Happiness on a stick?! Who knew!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

absolutely you are right! plus any eaten after 6 PM do not count. and if you eat them standing up at the sink they don't count. enjoy...

smiles, bee

Mimi Lenox said...

Polli - Save one for me. Bee says to eat it at the sink......

Empress Bee - I'll get a box just for PM eating. Thanks!

Patti said...

Almonds are like brain food, right?
And chocolate is good for antioxidant purposes. The dark kind anyway.

crazy working mom said...

Also if you drink a diet cancels out any calories it may contain!

One Wacky Mom said...

I like your food philosophy. I'm gonna see if that works for me. Eat and blog it...

Hubby says I've never been too close to a frig....have been lately..that's the problem. Need to get further away from the frig...I'm moving my home office across the street to my neighbors house.

He's 32, single and stacked. I'll be away from the fridge. Fix hubby!

grasshopperkm said...

Ice cream on a stick is the best part of summer. And almonds and chocolate--are the best parts of anything. Who's counting?
But in case you are? Eight lost pounds should be worth a few dozen boxes of ice cream pops.
I'm going to track some down--now. Thanks for the inspiration.

Sanni said...

While it's true that almonds are high in fat, it's important to remember that they're high in monounsaturated fats, the kind that protect the heart.

Don't be afraid to go nuts over nuts... I couldn't resist any kind of chocolate covered nut... plus you can wake me up any time for ice-cream.

So... you got me... I want some... at least 10 or so... me the greedy pig!

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