Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Turn's Tuesday Tag: An Interview with Miss Lenox

Turnbaby at And As The World Turns has turned the tables (I heard she turned a few heads at the beach last week too...) and invited bloggers to "tag themselves" into this crazy backwards meme. Being the self-centered meme Queen that I am, I decided to play along. You're only tagged if you ask to be tagged. So I asked! And let's face it, who wouldn't want to interview a Queen?

I'm so full of myself this morning.

Anyway...I simply wrote "Interview Me!" in her comment section after she'd been unmercifully interviewed by Pointless Drivel you'd like me to make up five questions and interview you, make your request after this post. I'd love to! Here are Turnbaby's questions for me and my answers.

1. You are Mimi Pencil Skirt. How many pencil skirts do you really own? 
Inquiring blonds want to know, eh? Well, truth be told my pencil skirts change with my mood- daily, hourly, minute by minute - so I have many. If I'm in a romantic mood, they're short. The closer I get to Connecticut the shorter they get. If I'm in a reporter's mood and on the hot trail of a juicy story (hence the name "pencil" skirt) they're Lois Lane length complete with matching notepad and a flavored chewable eraser. A pesky perky mood could mean anything from knee-length and knee boots to the ever popular Chatty Cathy outfit. A very romantic mood and ....well....I might not be wearing the skirt at all (Did I SAY that?!) Snap out of it, Mims. This is a PG Blog.
Next question.

2. What's the most shocking thing you've ever done and why was it shocking to you?

It wasn't so much shocking to me as it was to the poor souls who had to witness it. And of course, it's totally unbloggable. But it may have had something to do with Bonnie Raitt and a bottle of Smirnoff in a closet. Just a guess.

3. What trait do you find both charming and annoying in a significant other?

Is this a trick question? Is boyfriend reading this blog? Hold on. Let me go check. Be right back......Nope. He's busy writing in the studio right now. The coast is clear.

Significantly speaking, there is nothing annoying about my significant other; else that would make him insignificant. Charming? In spades.
He has a certain "look" he thinks can melt my defenses. Little does he know he's absolutely right. The annoying part is that he's right.

4. Can one be trained to 'smell snow' or is it an ability one is born with?
I've been asked this question, Miss SmoochBaby, many times. I tried to teach Oprah to smell snow when she interviewed me once. She was only interested in where I bought my pencil skirts. I could not convince her I got them at Newsman Marcus and not Crate 'n Barrel so I split. Dr. Phil did an entire chapter in his new book entitled "How to Win Friends By Smelling Snow and Other Neat Tricks" if you're interested, but it really doesn't do the subject justice. Or you can read how to expertly smell snow here.

The short-skirt answer is this: No one can really smell snow. No one can score a perfect 2400 on the SAT and Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.
Smelling snow is one such miracle of the universe.
It's a gift.

If I'm having an off day I just pay somebody to smell it for me.

5. Peace globe make the cover of Time magazine - how do you celebrate?

Ahh.....a serious question.
Actually, it would be a celebration for the entire blogosphere - all of YOU who continue to pass along the unique energy that is Dona Nobis Pacem. Since World Peace is at stake however, I'd first notify the White House and make an appointment with Condoleeza to make sure she understands the concept before her next visit to Iraq or the United Nations. Now there's a foxy woman in a pencil skirt. After a silly brunch with Condi and a feisty word with George W (first things first) I'd throw a BYOG party at Bloggingham Palace (bring-your-own-globe) and all our blogging friends could meet. We'd sit out on the drawbridge, design new memes, drink lots of chardonnay and solve the world's problems.

Oprah would be sooooo sorry she dissed my snow story.

Want to play? Request an interview below. The more the merrier. Thanks Turn, for a great set of questions. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go shopping for boots.
And a White House graphic to put on a peace globe.


Lizza said...

Ohhh, great interview, your Highness! Shooting the breeze and sipping Chardonnay with you sounds totally fab.

Linda said...

Great interview but I must put my two cents worth in regarding the ability to smell snow: it can be done and there have been many a time when I have said that it "smells like it's going to snow" and it has. Granted, it doesn't smell like snow every time before it snows but if it's a particularly big storm then yes - it does. I can't believe that Bud has never smelled snow either!

By the way, if you need to pay someone to smell snow for you, I could always use some extra income!

Mimi Lenox said...

Lizza, my dear....you are welcome at the palace anytime.

Mimi Lenox said...


At first I thought he laughed because he thought it was just a "southern thing" - but no! If YOU can smell snow, then he should be able to. Especially in New England!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

honey i can smell snow. not in florida of course, but in podunk i sure can!

love the interview!

smiles, bee

Mimi Lenox said...

You live in podunk too??!!

Do you want to be interviewed?

Akelamalu said...

Great interview but I don't want one thankyou.

I thought it was only me that could smell snow!

Turnbaby said...

Great answers Miss Pencil Skirt!!! I love the charming/annoying one--hehehe

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You are the best.

But you know that I know that, no?

Mimi Lenox said...


azgoddess said...

wow -- totally interesting blog and especially, i loved the posts...hot hot hot girlfriend...

and as far as questions:

1. how did you transpant you mom and grandma-ma's flowers to your place?

2. about grand-pa-pa, name five things about him you'll never forget

3. how much is your water bill? with all those showers and baths, dont you ever get wrinkly? ps. i'm right there with you on the hot water thingy, though - grin

4. what book are you reading now?

5. do you currently have any pets.

there, i'm done -- be back tomorrow to check out the answers...smile

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I think I need to be interviewed. Would you please ask me some tough questions?

Mimi Lenox said...

I'll get right on it, Bud.

Epiphany Alone said...

Oh, I wanna be interviewed. All the cool kids are doing it!

Yeah I know, "All the cool kids are doing it" is an Outstandingly Stupid and Assinine reason for doing anything, Dad. Love you :)

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