Monday, November 13, 2006

17 Things Guaranteed to Distract You from NaNoWriMo

1. Gale Martin's steamy commentary on sex and why we all should have some.

2. Cheesecake.

3. Thinking about Gale Martin's long-winded dissertation on sex and wondering what Gemmolina is doing besides writing her novel.

4. Two hour bubble baths to "meditate on your plot" (yeah right)

5. Re-reading Gale Martin's steamy commentary on what we all should be doing instead of writing novels.

6. Wondering why Gale is not answering her phone

7. Reading the Bible instead of Gale Martin's steamy commentary on the wonders of healthy physical exercise

8. Taking notes from Gale Martin's steamy commentary on the cardiovascular benefits of couple workout routines

9. Wondering why Gale needs to go to Curves when she's getting all that exercise at home. Girlfriend! You're wasting your money. You could use that cash to buy red heels.

10. Putting Gale's steamy love tale on Internet speed dial for convenience. What are friends for? I'm just trying to give her a little extra traffic.

11. Chasing all the testosterone inspired posts across the blogosphere

12. Talking to a sweet interesting guy on the phone who doesn't understand why you're giggling over said blog post.

13. Another bubble bath

14. Looking for your Red Teddy sale coupons at Victoria's Secret (I have frequent flyer miles there) in case you need to test Gale Martin's theory. Gale Martin wrote a steamy commentary on s-e-x (shhhh.....) on her blog today. Did I mention that?

15. Trying to find something else to post about besides Gemmolina's scandalous and saucy rendition of herbal remedies in the sack. A most difficult task.

16. Figuring out how you're going to read Gale Martin's steamy essay on the wonders of organizations and such at work - you know that Gale, she always gets her words mixed up. I had to consult with the handsome guy mentioned in Reason #12 for clarification. Mimi does not know about these things.

17. And finally.....Wondering if Gale realizes the subliminal significance of changing her blog color from blue to a rosy pink glow.

Life was so much easier when women wore skirts tied together at the bottom.

This silliness is what I get for waiting until the break of dawn to conjure up a post. At least tomorrow I'll only have 16 reasons to think about......and Gale Martin's steamy post on why we should untie our skirts.

That Gale, always looking out for her fellow bloggers.



Anonymous said...

Eat cheesecake. Read Gale's post about why nookie is good for you. Then get some to burn off all those cheesecake calories. Hahaha! You're great, Mims. So is Gale.

Anonymous said...

Health benefits are fine and dandy, but do you know how many post-nookie-cigarettes were smoked overnight in the blogsphere. I know I at least Cheesecake! Strawberry I hope. Strawberry Cheese cake, and Red pumps. Strawberry Cheesecake, Red Pumps, and a Red Teddy!
See Ya
Gotta go shopping for the wife!
Might need a cigarette first!
Hey Wait up!
She ran out of the cave again!
And the Chase continues!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry i can't comment today... I am heading over to GAle's to read her post on sex.. oh and as far as your 13 below.... WOOOO baby, red heels and pencil skirt..NOW you have my attention

Anonymous said...

This is worth a conversation...

Mimi Lenox said...

Are you flirting with me, Bud?

Anonymous said...

When I signed up for NaNoWriMo, no one mentioned that the guilt from not hitting one's word quota makes guilty hearts think of sex. I even bought the NaNo guru's book--not one mention about sex as the opiate for not hitting your NaNo count. And just so you know, cheesecake is the most sexy dessert I know. Feeding cheesecake to each other...oh, Lord! Cheesecake is definitely worthy taking time out from NaNo to enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Well between this post, and reading Gale's, my day is wonderfully shot!

Made me laugh through a rough morning - thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mimi..quick question... for Audio Codes, how do I get rd of that annoying graphic above the player? Thanks

Anonymous said...

DOH figured it out ..thanks anyway

madd said...

Mimi..just checking to make sure you haven't fallen into a cheesecake coma, or drowned in the tub..falling into that coma, while thinking about Gales' dissertation amid the steamy bath, thinking about..well just checking on you..:)see ya..m

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